Drills Information!

Next Drills on Monday June 17
Boys and Girls 6th grade & under at 6pm to 7:30

Boys and Girls 7th grade & up at 7:30pm to 9
Please always check website every week for drills announcement to confirm weekly day, times and locations. If Drills have to be cancelled at the last minute due to inclement weather, click on the "instant alert message" button in Spalding basketball in top right corner of website.

SEE RATE SHEET UNDER PROGRAM INFO TAB FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS TRYING DRILLS: Please bring your own basketball with your name on it. See the basketball in the upper righthand corner of this box for all weather related gym cancellations.
GYM LOCATION:Renegades Kelly Bolish Gym - 2950 Turnpike Rd, Hatboro PA 19040

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a donation will RENEGADES receive from TD Bank?  
TD Bank will calculate their donation based on 1/4% of the average daily balance of all interest-earning accounts, and 1/2% of the average daily balances of all non-interest-earning accounts of all those who linked their accounts to RENEGADES’ affinity program.  In order to receive the donation, however, RENEGADES must have at least 50 households participating. Your participation is important! 

Will any of my funds be withdrawn by TD Bank for use by RENEGADES?  
Absolutely not.  The donation that RENEGADES receives is a donation from TD Bank, not money from your accounts.

What types of accounts qualify for this program?  
Personal:  Checking, Savings, Money Market, CD and Retirement;
Business: Checking
If you have multiple accounts at TD Bank - all will count for the program. (Mortgages and home equity loans do not count for this program, nor do TD Ameritrade accounts.) 

Is this program available for businesses or just individuals?    
Yes, however for businesses, only their checking accounts qualify.

Will RENEGADES know who has asked the bank to make this donation?   
No, your name and information will remain confidential. This program is entirely managed by TD Bank.  TD Bank will NOT release to us the names of anyone who has made this request.  Periodically TD Bank will notify us of the TOTAL number of accounts that have signed up, and the TOTAL amount of the all the deposits.   

What if I open an account at TD Bank, link to the affinity program, but then I close my account?    
RENEGADES will receive a donation from TD Bank equal to the % of your average daily balance for the time you had the account.  

Does it matter which TD Branch I bank with?
NO!  As long as you have a TD Bank account in the US you can make the request.  So please encourage your relatives, friends, and business partners in any of the states in which TD Bank is located to call  888-751-9000 and ask the bank to support RENEGADES.   (TD Bank has branches up and down the east coast from Maine through Florida.)

**How do I contact TD Bank to sign up for this program?  
Call or visit any TD Bank and ask to have your accounts linked to RENEGADES Affinity Membership Program B7. Call  TD Bank’s customer service at: 888-751-9000.  They are available 24/7.

Can people who are not RENEGADES members participate? 
YES! Please ask your friends and family to join as well.  The more people who join, the greater the donation TD Bank will make to RENEGADES. Please give them our flyer with this FAQ list. 

Still have questions? 
Call the RENEGADES office and speak to a staff member: 215-364-1426 or email: parenegades@comcast.net